Beau Durand - School Bus Driver

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My Vision

First off, I'm writing for me. Secondarily, I am writing for others. My books are an invitation into my own mind, as crazy, or as lucid, as it may be. Writing, for me, is a way to take what is in my head, and work it out on paper. It's a cathartic process where I get to work through my dreams, life experiences, and thoughts on what it means to be human ... and a way to bag up my own mental trash and be done with it.

It is my hope that whoever reads my works is inspired to write their own. I believe if people have a legacy, it resides in their experiences here on Earth, and sharing their journey with others. It doesn't matter if you write non-fiction, self-help, or technical works, or if you express yourself through fantastic worlds that embrace the duality of life—the good, the bad, the ugly, the extraordinary.

I always suggest to people: Get out and try something new! Over a decade ago, for example, I got in my car, drove to a jump zone in Colorado, and did a tandem skydive with an instructor. I was so thrilled with the experience, I took the AFF class and began training, then got my license. ** Here is the movie of my very first skydive. ** Try something new! For me, it was jumping out of a plane at 18,000 feet... and I did it again, and again.

My next adventure now that I'm 47—to write the novels I have always dreamed of.

Our Story

My Life

Most authors don't invite people too deeply into their personal lives, but really, we have no choice. Here are some snippets from mine.


(ie.) Work in Russia

Fact: I have traveled around the world. One of the most fantastic experiences was my time in Russia where I studied and conducted research in astrophysics at the SAO — Special Astrophysical Observatory — in the Northern Caucasus Mountains at the Bolshoi Observatory and Ratan 600 Radio Telescope.


(ie.) Me and My Partner Thom

Thom is my life partner. We live in Colorado Springs, CO. Thom owns Kenpo Karate in Woodland Park, on the mountain, while I have been running my medical weight loss company from the Springs, AND adhering to my small goal to drive a school bus for 5 years — I complete THAT goal December 2019!


(ie.) My Four Pugs

I always wanted pugs. A lady I knew — who was the spitting image of Selma Hayak — lived in the El Cortez where I lived while in law school in San Diego. She had several pugs, the cutest guys I'd ever seen. I never forgot, and years after moving to Colorado, then losing 4 large dogs, I was blessed with these 4!

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